Visit Fantastic Caverns in Missouri

If you’ve never explored the otherworldly wonders of a cave, you should add that to your bucket list. Missouri has over 6,500 discovered caves, but only a few of them are open to visitors. Fantastic Caverns is one of them, and they’re just that—absolutely fantastic.

Fantastic Caverns is America’s only ride-through cave. In an effort to help preserve the cave’s natural features, visitors explore the cavern via Jeep-pulled trams. The trams make it possible for people of all ages and conditions to visit, so feel free to add this to your bucket list no matter what your excuse!

The caverns host a number of educational trips for schools or other groups. An underground classroom lets kids learn about paleontology and explore at the “fossil dig site.” Even in the dead of winter time, Fantastic Caverns is a cozy place to visit, with temperatures staying near 60 degrees year-round.

While you’re down in the caverns, look for 12 names on the wall. The names belong to the 12 women who once answered a newspaper ad looking for explorers in 1867. With nothing but lamplight, rope and minimal tools, the women made their way through the dark caverns for the first time. How’s that for girl power?