SEAT 600 BMS Concept

FIATs are true unique cars. What’s great about FIAT is their ability to bring the past to life with modern cars that have that classic, vintage feel. That’s exactly what FIAT is doing with the SEAT 600 BMS.

The SEAT 600 is a new concept that’s meant to argue the models 60th anniversary, which is coming up this year. Based on the FIAT 600, the SEAT 600 is will stay very close to the original SEAT from sixty years ago. Talk about a throwback!

The SEAT 600 will be completely to scale with the original and will have a retractable canvas top with stylish suicide doors. While there’s still only one sketch release of this fun concept car, we do know that it will be donned with leather upholstery and orange stitching on the interior, with orange decals and a metallic gray paint on the outside.

Even though everybody loves the idea of a retro car, it’s just a concept at this point. If you want to see it for yourself, it will be premiering at the Barcelona Motor Show in late May.

Don’t worry, even though this retro FIAT can’t be yours, there are plenty of fun FIATs that will still give you that classic feel. Just ask us here at Corwin Alfa Romeo FIAT of Springfield.

FIAT Name Badge - SEAT 600 BMS