Pet Safety in Cars

dogs in car - Springfield, MO
Keeping your pets safe is a must for anyone hitting the road.

When it comes to taking a long road trip, odds are that you want to take the whole family along for the ride. For many families, that includes pets. Bringing the family dog on the road is a journey you’ll never forget. Just like with people, pet safety should be a top priority on the road. Here are some quick tips on pet safety in cars from us.

  • Vehicle – If you have multiple vehicles, taking the most fuel efficient model may not be an option. While many cars are fuel efficient, they may be too small to fit everyone comfortably. Pick the model which would be most comfortable for you family and pets to ensure everyone has a trip to remember.
  • Packing – When packing, don’t forget to bring some treats and toys for your favorite companion! Make sure to bring water, towels, and cleaning supplies in case your pet gets sick. The last thing anyone wants is the smell of vomit lingering in a hot car!
  • Driving – Once you’ve hit the road, it’s important to remember that pets need a bathroom break too. Stop every few hours to let them out. Remember to roll down the windows and, as a precaution, don’t let your dog stick its head out of the window.