New Alfa Romeo Sedan and SUV to Lead Brand

Alfa Romeo Giulia - Corwin Alfa Romeo FIAT

Alfa Romeo has been lying dormant for the past few decades, taking a back seat to the American, German, and Japanese brands. Now the Italian brand is ready to burst onto North American roadways in style. A new Alfa Romeo sedan and SUV look to lead the brand to the United States in blazing glory.

Alfa Romeo fell back to Europe in the mid-1990s. The Italian brand eventually returned in 2008 with a limited supply of vehicles. In 2014, the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car stepped up its game and became a favorite among enthusiasts.

Now, the Italian brand is looking to hit the big time with a new sedan and SUV. The Alfa Romeo Giulia breaks into the market as a sporty sedan with an all-aluminum engine and carbon fiber driveshaft. The entry-level luxury model boasts the brand’s signature triangle grille, a feature that will surely attract some of Alfa Romeo’s biggest fans.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV joins the Giulia as an entry-level luxury model designed for the masses. Standard paddle shifters and an affordable starting price will make it the best-seller between the two models.

We here at Corwin Alfa Romeo FIAT are happy to see the Alfa Romeo style returning to the American market in full force.