Four Cool Places to Visit in Missouri

From a psychiatric museum to waterfalls to mines you can scuba dive in, the list of cool places to visit in Missouri is as thrilling as it is diverse.


# 1 – Bonne Terre Mines – Bonne Terre, MO


The digging began in the late 1800s. Lead ore was the prize and they scored an awful lot of it. Pretty soon, they had created the world’s largest man-made underground cavern. Scuba divers love the place for its super clear waters. You can also take boat tours.


# 2 – Mina Sauk Falls – Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, MO


Looking for a fun, outdoor adventure? Hiking up the St. Francois Mountains and taking in the Mina Sauk Falls is hard to beat. It’s the highest waterfall in the state.


# 3 – Cementland – St. Louis, MO


If you are into strange and weird attractions, this is the place. Ever wonder what it might look like if a sculptor tried to turn an abandoned cement factory into a castle-themed amusement park and failed in the process? If so, Cementland is your kind of place.


# 4 – Glore Psychiatric Museum – St. Joseph, MO


What a long, strange trip it has been for the mentally ill in the United States. You can see artifacts and exhibits showing the evolution of treatment at the fascinating Glore Psychiatric Museum.


With all of these awesome attractions, we should consider ourselves lucky to be a part of this fascinating and beautiful state!