FIAT’s New Convertible and Crossover to Boost Brand

2015 FIAT 500c - Springfield, MO
FIAT wants you to roll the top down and have some fun!

Italian goods are usually high quality, and for that reason they tend to sell well in the United States. For the past few years, that hasn’t been the case for FIAT. With annual sales reaching 44,000 vehicles per year, the automaker has hit a slump. To pull itself up and appeal to the American market, FIAT is bringing two new vehicles to its lineup.

Part of the problem lies in the limited lineup here in the United States. The FIAT 500 minicar, 500e electric, and 500L have been the only models available.

Many automakers, including the American heavyweights, have seen declining sales for cars. As gas prices have fallen, many consumers have moved to less fuel efficient vehicles, particularly sports cars and crossovers.

“Coming into the year, we didn’t expect gas prices to fall off the cliff, which shifted segments drastically, and unfortunately, drastically away from where we play,” said Jason Stoicevich, head of the FIAT brand in North America.

FIAT is bringing its own crossover to the market: the FIAT 500X. Made in Italy but designed to appeal to the American market, the 500X is set to revive the brand. That’s not all being brought though.

FIAT’s new convertible, the 124 Spider, shares a platform with the popular Mazda MX-5 Miata. Set to arrive in early 2016, the FIAT roadster is ready to bring sports car lovers to the brand.

At Corwin FIAT Alfa Romeo of Springfield are ready to see the 500X and 124 Spider light a fire that will burn for years to come!