History of FIAT Spans Over a Century of Style

history of FIAT - Corwin Alfa Romeo FIAT of Springfield Blog

FIAT has its roots as far back as 1899, meaning it’s a brand that’s been in the business for 118 years now. The Italian carmaker had to put some of its production on hold during the earlier part of the 20th century when Europe faced conflict, but in the 50s after World War II, FIAT saw an economic boom that granted the brand renewed strength and growth. The history of FIAT spans over a century of success, quality, and luxury.

A big turning point in the history of the carmaker was the release of the FIAT 500. While the brand already had several nameplates in its lineup and had made several innovations that set the tone for the industry for years to come, the FIAT 500 was a rebirth for the brand, reviving business in the optimistic 1960s and cementing its reputation as a global icon. Throughout the rest of the 1900s, FIAT revolutionized the industry until it formed an alliance with General Motors at the turn of the millenium.

The history of FIAT continued when the brand merged with Chrysler Automobiles in 2014. With a solid partnership holding down a corner of the auto industry, FCA continues to bring innovation and quality to the market, with us here at Corwin Alfa Romeo FIAT of Springfield to represent them.