What Is Car Detailing and Why Your Car Needs It

Everybody knows that every once in awhile, it’s good to get your vehicle cleaned, whether you do it yourself on a warm summer day or take it to a car wash. However, you should also occasionally have your car detailed. What is car detailing? It’s a very intensive cleaning process that goes above and beyond your average car wash, giving your vehicle a “like new” look.


Every car detailer has their own method of detailing, and some even offer fancy add-ons like decals and bright paint. But having your car detailed doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Essentially, detailing involves cleaning every inch of the inside and outside of your vehicle and touching up any places that have undergone wear-and-tear.


For example, the exterior of the vehicle may undergo a process of being washed and dried, then rubbed with a clay bar to eliminate any leftover moisture. Afterwards, the vehicle is polished and sealed. Interiors will often be vacuumed, scrubbed and shampooed, vacuumed again, and sprayed with a pleasant scent.


If you’re wondering, “What is car detailing and how is it relevant to me?”, then you might want to keep in mind that having your vehicle look new reflects well on you, increases your vehicle’s resale value, and even keeps you healthy by removing messes and bacteria from your car. Come talk to us at Corwin Alfa Romeo FIAT for more details.

what is car detailing