These Basic Tips for Driving in the Snow Could Save You This Winter

2016 FIAT 500X - Springfield, MO
Built for the snow: the FIAT 500X.

Are you concerned about driving in the snow and ice this year? Whether you’re a seasoned winter driver or are planning to not let the snow stop you for the first time this year, it won’t hurt to brush up on some winter weather driving basics.

Here are some tips for driving in the snow that every driver should know:

  • Grab your owner’s manual and remind yourself how your vehicle uses its wheels. Do you have all-wheel drive? Do you need to press a button to activate it?
  • Whenever you find yourself driving in the snow, increase the distance between your vehicle and other vehicles around it.
  • Similarly, when you’re driving on slick roads, be sure to accelerate and decelerate much more slowly than usual, to avoid skidding.
  • If you do find yourself sliding off the road, do not slam on the brakes. Instead, cautiously attempt to steer into the skid – allowing your wheel to regain control.
  • On a daily basis, having an ice scraper and a small shovel in your car can become a lifesaver.
  • And in case of an emergency, be sure to have some comfy blankets and healthy snacks available, in case you ever have to wait out a storm.

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