Aunt Martha’s Pancake House Closes After 55 Years

Springfield, Missouri has recently lost a local icon that drew visitors from far and wide. Aunt Martha’s Pancake House decided to close for good just last month, citing increasing prices and cook problems. In business for over 50 years, the popular restaurant became ingrained in Springfield’s culture.

The diner opened back in 1959, and the Freeman family took over in 1964. It was Brenda Freeman, who has run the family business since 2008, that made the final decision to close.

“It’s time to move on to life’s next adventures,” said Brenda Freeman, restaurant owner, on the diner’s Facebook page.

The restaurant saw its fair share of popular artists. Willie Nelson worked as a bus boy and dishwater before he hit it big.

For many locals, the closing of Aunt Martha’s Pancake House marks the end of a 55-year era. A family hotspot, locals and country music artists alike flocked to the restaurant. It wasn’t always about the food, though.

“Memories that I’ve had there with my family in general,” said Rachel Anger. “Just sad that we can’t have our little place to go.”

There’s no word on what Freeman plans to do next or what will become of Aunt Martha’s Pancake House, which now sits empty.

Here at Corwin FIAT, we’re sad to see such an iconic business close its doors.